6 Simple Home Security Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Home

Your house is your escape. You and your family are most at peace at your house, which is a haven. However, your sense of security in your own house may be compromised if it is insufficiently guarded. Property crime occurs at a rate of 5.50 per 1,000 people in Ireland over a typical year, but this is still a figure that no one wishes to be associated with. Your house is where your assets and, more importantly, your loved ones reside. But with a few practical home security tips and methods, you can safeguard your possessions, prevent would-be burglars, and feel more secure.

The Top 6 Home Security Ideas

If anyone is supposed to choose a house to break into, one would undoubtedly pick the one that seemed to offer the minimum risks. So, go through the following techniques and find what suits you.

Construct a Home Security System

While an alarm may not prevent burglars from breaking into your house, it will prevent some and quickly summons the authorities, reducing the amount of property a thief may take. The only way that home security systems will function is if you always remember to set the alarm.

While at home or away from it, you should have your alarm on. Sensors in a home security alarm often sound when a door or window is opened, as it typically includes surveillance video and a built-in motion detector. This indicates that the authorities will probably be notified as soon as anyone acquires access to your home.

Don’t provide hiding places for thieves

Strip unwanted trees and plants that could serve as a cover or remote entry points to your windows. Any bushes that are large enough to block a window should be cut back.

It would help if you also thought about how your property is maintained. Look for areas near your home that are particularly dark and can provide a thief with access to your house during the night. Consider adding light to various locations to illuminate entrances. Use motion-sensing spotlights to save energy and avoid irritating your neighbors or yourself with the bright lights.

Keep criminals from knowing you are away from home

Never tell someone ahead of time that you’re going on vacation for your home security. Ireland’s safety rating is in the 89th percentile, indicating that 11% of cities are perfectly safe and 89% are risky. If you’re going on vacation, ask a neighbor or trusted friend to come by every day to pick up the mail, the newspaper, and any flyers that could have been left outside. A burglar might observe a flyer that has been put on your front door for days and realize that you are taking a long vacation.

Acquire Security Cameras

Security cameras are a wonderful prevention since potential thieves never want to leave behind any evidence of their crimes. If they think you have¬†CCTV cameras installed, they’ll probably be motivated to move on to a less secure home. Put your cameras in a visible location. The front door, rear door, garage, and side yard are the finest spots to put in a security camera, or even, you can fake one.

Shield windows by implementing security measures

It may be wise to update to durable glass when buying new windows for your house. This would discourage unwanted visitors from smashing a window to enter your house. If purchasing new windows is out of the budget, consider applying a security film to the existing windows. By doing this, the glass won’t shatter when it breaks, and the burglars might be prevented from trying to break in again.

Give the impression that someone is Home

Property crimes most frequently happen in the middle of the day, when most individuals are at work, specifically from 10 am to 3 pm. Many individuals utilize smart home technologies to turn on and off the TV and lights at night when they are not home.

Several tactics might effectively create the impression of occupancy while you are away at work. Running a TV or radio during the day, for instance, might be a good idea, but make sure the volume is just loud enough for people to hear when they approach the house and not so loud that your neighbors start to complain.

In a nutshell

Home security guarantees the security of your possessions and the safety of your loved ones, which, if compromised, may disrupt your mental and financial peace. Therefore, you must make security investments and have your security system installed timely. Bolt Security Service has met all your security needs, whether they pertain to your home, business, or assets. We offer our services all around Ireland. Our team of experts handles everything, from installation to maintenance, and we do it all within your budget. We offer the installation of security cameras, monitor alarms, security lighting, doorbell intercoms, and a lot more. Please visit our website or contact us to order and learn more about the safety system immediately.

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