Bolt Security Services provides the ultimate in remote monitoring and Emergency response. This cost-effective service both allows immediate notification of potential intrusion supported by our Emergency Response Service to this notification.

A wireless CCTV camera system Dublin is an excellent choice for home security in Dublin. These systems are easy to install and offer a high level of flexibility, as you can place the cameras wherever you need them without the need for extensive wiring. Home CCTV installation Dublin is a straightforward process, with professional installers available to ensure that your system is set up correctly.

Remote CCTV Video Monitoring is the fastest growing sector of the entire security industry. Why?…because it is the ultimate in security services. The key benefit is prevention, prevention, prevention. Remote CCTV Monitoring stops intruders in their tracks before they get a chance to cause damage or commit any crime, saving your company thousands of Euro. Think of it as like having your very own team of private security guards on site at all times. As soon as an intruder enters your property, their movement is immediately picked up by the CCTV Transmission equipment. Within a couple of seconds, one of our controllers will be issuing a live audio warning to the intruder and will view them leaving your premises via a live video feed in real time.

Any intruder not leaving immediately will soon be joined by the Gardaí thanks to one of our controllers responding. We provide CCTV monitoring in Dublin and Nationwide. Site protection with remote viewing and security response.

CCTV Systems for your Home or Business. Reliable Systems at Affordable Prices.

Bolt Security Services provide bespoke CCTV solutions to protect your Home, Business or Loved ones. Don’t wait until its too late, start protecting your home and assets with a tailored security package. We can create a bespoke system to meet your needs and complete a professional installation to keep you protected.

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