Bolt Security Services, installs and services a wide range of CCTV systems. From simple, stand-alone, plug and play systems used in small retail outlets, to advanced high definition digital and network video recorder systems that can cater for your needs and requirements, from the simplest to most complex multi-site and diverse applications. Our range of systems utilise the latest technologies to give you clear, high definition images that are quick and easy to retrieve and review.

High Definition CCTV

High definition pictures retain their clarity even when zoomed in to view specific detail, this clarity is retained whether viewing live images or reviewing a recording. The system’s storage capacity will be tailored to meet your requirements.

Existing System Upgrades

Bolt Security Services can maintain and/or extend your existing CCTV system. Alternatively, we can offer a cost-effective and modular upgrade solution.

CCTV Analytics

Video analytics is the use of scientific algorithms to automatically detect people, vehicles or other objects viewed via your CCTV video images. The system can alert Remote Video Response (RVR) to trigger a response dependent on pre-programmed instructions.

CCTV Remote Services

Bolt Security Services can offer a service that will automatically detect CCTV system faults when they happen and alert you. Additionally, you can have your system monitored by our Remote Video Response Alarm Receiving Centre, who will initiate a pre-arranged response.

CCTV Monitoring and Response

Protect your premises by using our 24-hr monitoring and response service. Our own alarm receiving centres will take corresponding actions to safeguard your assets.

CCTV Systems for your Home or Business. Reliable Systems at Affordable Prices.

Bolt Security Services provide bespoke CCTV solutions to protect your Home, Business or Loved ones. Don’t wait until its too late, start protecting your home and assets with a tailored security package. We can create a bespoke system to meet your needs and complete a professional installation to keep you protected.

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